Guy shoots himself in the head and lives

I don’t want to call this guy who so far remains unnamed “stupid,” but pointing a loaded gun at your head while you pull the trigger isn’t real high on the list of smart things to do. Hell, it isn’t even safe to do that with a Nerf gun today in some cases.

As you will see in the video, this uh, man, is seen lying on his bed joking around with his gun. He points it at his head and it clicks. No gunshot. Was the safety on, was there just an empty chamber or did he just get lucky?

No idea. Naturally, beating the laws of stupidity once already he then proceeds to drop the hammer again only this time BOOM head shot! Luckily for his dumb ass, (okay, sorry, I was being nice as long as I could) it appears from the photos below, which he also posted, that the bullet just grazed his head allowing him to survive to live another day.

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